A healthy outlook on a career

Choose to take care of people's health
in a team of professionals

Medipal is the finalist of the Russia's Top Employers ranking Finalist of the Russia's Top Employers ranking
among medium-sized companies according to hh.ru in 2023

Working at MEDIPAL is a combination of a comfortable environment and interesting tasks. We give the opportunity to show individuality, realize abilities and talents, choose an interesting job and be needed. You have a great chance to achieve your own success and contribute to the common cause by combining your and our capabilities


Over the years of development, we have become a large professional company, earned a reputation as a reliable partner and gained leading positions in the industry

600+ staff
TOP 10among pharmaceutical suppliers under government contracts
more than 25 years of success
Attentive to each other  and ready to share  our experience
Attentive to each other
and ready to share
our experience
Attentive to each other  and ready to share  our experience

We are a team of caring people who share common values.

And thanks to a flexible approach to the management system, we achieve success with the speed of decision-making and attentive attitude to each other.

We are always ready to provide help and support, share our experience.

The "fresh look" of new employees is also important to us: sometimes it allows us to look at solving problems in a different way and come to a more effective solution.

Encourage lifelong learning
lifelong learning
Encourage lifelong learning

One of our values is development, which we actively support within the team.

The company regularly conducts trainings and courses.

Specialists of departments create educational programs in the field of their competencies for other departments.

Participate in charity
in charity
Participate in charity

Corporate volunteering events unite employees around global values.

After learning that only about 100 thousand people were registered in the bone marrow donor list in Russia, we donated blood for typing and joined the National bone marrow donor registry.

Together with the foundation "Starost v radost" we provide assistance to nursing homes. Also we cooperate with the Charity Foundation of the Children’s doctor Roshal and help a homeless animal shelter.

Protect the environment
the environment
Protect the environment

MEDIPAL takes care of the environment: special boxes for collecting batteries and plastic are installed in the company’s offices, which are regularly recycled.

Employees participate in tree planting campaigns on the territories of medical institutions.

Enjoy corporate events and team building
corporate events
and team building
Enjoy corporate events and team building

Corporate events and team building are always memorable for us.

Quests, music contests, movie shoots, and on Health Day — competitions on bike trails for the preparation of delicious and healthy cocktails, because our motto is: "A healthy outlook on life!"

Do corporate sports
corporate sports
Do corporate sports

MEDIPAL has its own amateur sports teams. Girls play volleyball, and men play hockey.

Trainings take place once a week and any employee can join them.

Playing in a team, you can not only increase your skill level, but also get a boost of energy and strength for new achievements.

In our work we follow our values and traditions, improving the quality of life and health of people.


Qualities we value

The company has adopted a competence model — a set of business qualities necessary for employees to successfully achieve the strategic goals of companies.

The annual active growth of MEDIPAL sets new tasks for the team, which impose additional responsibility and require dedication. Having these qualities and their constant development helps us to effectively solve cases of any complexity and achieve significant results.

Team communication
To listen to others, being willing to dialogue and cooperate for the sake of results. To be friendly and respectful in communication. To work toward common rather than specific goals.
To use resources rationally, achieving maximum return on investment. Multitask.
To know and abide by the Company's Code of Ethics. To share values and respecting traditions, transmitting a positive image of the Company to the outside world.
To accept changes as they happen. To be flexible in approach. To make time for self-development.
Focus on the customer
To understand the importance of the customer in the Company's business and how the work affects the final satisfaction of the customer.
To take an active position, put forward ideas and initiatives to optimize work. Be independent and constructive.
To be accountable for results. To be passionate about the cause, not limited by the formal boundaries of the task.

Career Advancement

Each member of our team has the opportunity to be promoted or move to another division of the company

Career development
Career development
Each employee can apply to HR for the formation of his career track
Internal contests
Internal contests
The company holds internal competitions, in which any employee with at least 1 year of work experience can take part
Institute of Succession
Institute of Succession
Training program for managing and strategic positions

We are committed to success and a mutually beneficial partnership.


Advantages of working in MEDIPAL

We offer successful candidates and our employees

Reliable and stable job
Reliable and stable job

MEDIPAL is a successful company with a long history

Many people have been working with us for many years

Modern and functional office
Modern and functional office

Comfortable and cozy, which has everything you need for productive work and recreation

Full compliance with labor legislation
Full compliance with labor legislation

White salary and strict compliance with the Labor Code

We are proud of our reputation as a conscientious and fulfilling company

A decent salary and a transparent bonus system
A decent salary and a transparent bonus system

We honestly fulfill our promises and encourage dedication and effectiveness

Training and development
Training and development

The company regularly conducts both internal, as well as external trainings. We provide a wide range of courses for advanced training and corporate discounts for teaching English

Health care
Health care

VMI after the trial period, corporate discounts on the service for the selection of psychologists

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consider applicants with entry-level experience?
Pay attention to the requirements for the vacancies: for some positions in our Company we consider candidates with minimal work experience. If you have limited experience, highlight your achievements at university, possible part-time jobs during your studies, volunteer work, etc. All of this will enable us to better understand your aspirations and make the right decision about your candidacy.
What kind of interview am I going to have?
To select the best candidates, we use different assessment methods:
A telephone interview, where we mutually understand how our position is interesting to you and matches your motivation, and decide for ourselves whether your qualifications meet the needs of the position. The result is an invitation to a face-to-face meeting or video interview.
Personal meeting during which we analyze your experience, qualifications, skills, and also tell you and answer the questions about the company, vacancy, corporate environment.
Video-interview (live interview using videoconferencing technology). We use this type of interview when we communicate with candidates from other regions. The result is an invitation to the final interviews with managers.
How to properly prepare for a job interview?
Questions that will help you have a successful job interview at our Company:
What do I know about the company, its history, mission, values? Are they right for me? What is the interest of the position I am applying for? Analyze my future tasks for this position, what challenges do I see, what can I cope with, what skills do I need to improve?
What are my achievements at my previous place of work/study? How did I achieve them? What are my strengths?
How will I be useful to the company?
If I am rejected, can I reapply?
We understand that the candidate is constantly improving their experience, so if in the beginning certain skills were not enough, over time, if you have gained additional experience and gained the necessary qualifications for the position, we will be happy to consider you again.
Can I apply for several positions at once?
Yes, but please write that in your cover letter, as different positions are handled by different Human Resources personnel and we can avoid duplicating any recruitment steps and ensure that our efforts are properly coordinated internally and provide you with the correct feedback.
Does the company have a probationary period?
The company has a probationary period. For 99% of the positions, it is three months.

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