Members of the Association of Ostomy Patients "ASTOM" visited the "GemaTech” production complex

The meeting was very productive, eventful, and informative. The company guided the “ASTOM” representatives through the complete technological chain of production — from the beginning of the assembly of products on a modern robotic line to the release of products in finished packaging. During the tour, the participants were also shown a unique laboratory for quality control of products at each technological stage.

In close dialogue with production workers, starting from the director, with technologists and specialists, with those responsible for laboratory testing and quality control of products at all stages of the production cycle, the members of “ASTOM” could see the high level set for production and what are the highest requirements for the quality of manufactured products. The members of “ASTOM” asked many questions and all received convincing answers.

According to V. Sukhanov, GemaTech is a strategically important manufacturer of vital medical products for ostomy patients, especially in the context of tough international sanctions and ongoing events that negatively affect a socially vulnerable industry — the rehabilitation industry.

All participants unequivocally expressed that GemaTech is a promising domestic manufacturer of innovative medical devices for ostomy patients.

The GemaTech team thanks the “ASTOM” Association and all participants for meaningful dialogue and exchange of views, which allow us to better understand the needs of ostomy patients and take them into account when developing and improving new products.

The participants of the meeting left grateful comments about what they saw. Here are some of them:

“Thank you very much!!! I am glad that now we have a production facility for ostomy patients in Moscow. I am very grateful to the people who think about such patients.”
(E. Mashkova)

“The production facility of Gemamed for ostomy patients is very much needed. I would be happy if the production expanded. Not only for Moscow. Thank you for an interesting tour.”

“The ASTM Association wishes that GemaTech, the domestic manufacturer of stoma care products, would progressively and actively develop its business, get new innovative ideas, and come up with vital medical devices.”
(V. Sukhanov)

The meeting was also attended by the management representatives of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow. An exchange of greetings took place. Gennady Degtev, General Director of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow, addressed the “ASTOM” Association with a greeting.