The pursuit of leadership increases responsibility!

By choosing as a priority such vital areas of medicine as hematology, hemophilia, immunobiology, intensive care, oncology, MEDIPAL initially laid the foundation of its activities are social orientation and focused on the timely provision of patients with safe, quality and affordable medicines.

Among our basic principles is the constant striving to improve people’s quality of life and concern for their health. We develop our business with observance of moral and ethical norms, treating our obligations conscientiously. We believe that the necessary conditions for the effective development of the company, strengthening its business reputation and increasing competitiveness are constant improvement of personnel qualifications, ensuring safe working conditions, adherence to the values of the corporate culture.

We take an active part in social and cultural programs, conduct extensive outreach activities in cooperation with doctors’ and patients’ organizations and scientific institutions, and implement charitable, educational, and sponsorship projects.

Today, the responsible participation of business in solving socially significant problems, conscious assistance to vulnerable segments of the population to a large extent forms the social well-being of society

In building our development strategy, we have long looked beyond simple economic efficiency, not focusing solely on increasing profits.

For many years our Company has been an active participant of various social programs and initiatives. It has become an important tradition to provide targeted and targeted support to disadvantaged social groups, as well as charitable organizations, medical and preventive treatment, educational, cultural and scientific institutions, which for a long time have been implementing the most important projects for society, including educational projects. Thanks to their help more than one human life has been saved.

Our Company regularly supports specialized medical institutions, helps to send children to health camps, and provides targeted assistance to children who need to consult a doctor in Moscow or who are undergoing long-term treatment in hospitals. We sponsor specialized medical forums, conferences and scientific events and are an active participant in them.

We have known MEDIPAL for a long time. This organization is a supplier of vital medicinal products for people suffering from hemophilia, and always fulfills its obligations at the highest level. But I would like to pay attention to the fact that MEDIPAL’s activity is an example of socially responsible business: the company constantly implements charity programs, aimed at supporting hemophiliacs and improving their quality of life. The importance of this activity is very high.
Yuri Zhulev
President of the All-Russian Hemophilia Society
Collaboration between Podarok Angelu CF and MEDIPAL started in the fall of 2020 with a rehabilitation program for children under the foundation’s care in one of Russia’s best centers in St. Petersburg. In 2021 MEDIPAL supported implementation of the project «School for Special Parents» in 5 cities of Russia. This unique comprehensive educational project was created specifically for parents and family members raising children with cerebral palsy and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system and central nervous system. We are grateful to MEDIPAL for its responsiveness, kind heart and caring attitude towards those who need support! Thank you for your attention to our children!
Evgeniya Serikova
General Director of Podarok Angelu Charitable Foundation
The wonderful concert by the orchestra of the Moscow Gnesins’ High School of Music, which MEDIPAL organized for our children, brought great joy to the children and their mothers, who have to stay inside hospital walls for months. They had the opportunity to hear beautiful music, see different instruments, and even try to play them. Although FNCC patients tire quickly, no one wanted to leave for a long time after the concert.
Margarita Borysenko
Director of the Boarding House at the Rogachev Scientific Research Center
Thanks to MEDIPAL’s grant financial support, a pilot project of neonatal screening for primary immunodeficiencies was launched, and our beneficiaries received life-saving medications — intravenous immunoglobulins — at special prices. This is an important contribution to improving the quality of life of patients with primary immunodeficiency problems in Russia.
Irina Bakradze
Managing Director, Sunflower Charitable Foundation
One of the important projects implemented with the company’s support was the «Treasures of Seliger» rehabilitation camp, where children with disabilities accompanied by their families traveled. It was a combination of rehabilitation activities and family recreation: a child rests in the countryside surrounded by his or her loved ones, which is a rare format for our country. I would also like to mention the project «Special talents» that included multigenre contest of arts for people with disabilities without age restrictions. Winners performed in gala-concerts on one stage with Russian pop stars. Such projects aimed at socio-cultural adaptation help people with disabilities believe in themselves.
Kamilya Tabeeva
General Director of the National Foundation for Rehabilitation Development
Our foundation has been cooperating with MEDIPAL for 17 years. Together we implement projects aimed at the rehabilitation of children suffering from hemophilia. Thus, with the support of the company we hold children’s holidays, patient schools, children’s camp programs. This is very important for the children, because regular camps cannot accept sick children, as they need constant supervision of certain specialists. Many events that we organize would be impossible without the help of MEDIPAL.
Dmitry Chistyakov
President, Hemophilia Society of St. Petersburg
MEDIPAL is providing us with very meaningful support by helping to provide the Institute with important medications that are so necessary for patients with orphan diseases who require expensive treatment. This is very significant support for us, given what a difficult period for Russian health care. On behalf of our employees, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for their assistance and support in treating our patients.
Tatiana Latysheva
Head of the Department of Immunopathology and Intensive Care at the Institute of Immunology